Welcome to Arupa Consulting

Arupa® offers a bespoke consultancy service.

We work with business owners, directors and individuals to expand their awareness of who they are and how that inflects on their impact in this world.

There is a spiritual dimension to the advice and guidance offered as well as a very practical take on what it means to operate at full potential and create a fulfilling stress free life balance.

Our specialties include:

  • Working with various professions such as engineers, architects, dentists, …
  • Assisting Mittelstand directors with improving their management skills and increasing profitability
  • Helping family businesses with generational handover
  • Working with individuals who wish to have a deeper experience of life


Arupa Consulting is about helping you get onto your chosen road, secure and confident in your own skills.


Please connect with us if you wish to contact any of our business or individual clients.

As a courtesy to our clients we have agreed not to give out their contact details unless specifically requested by new clients.


Arupa Consulting GmbH

Schwendetalstrasse 34
9057 Schwende

Phone +41 71 588 0499
E-mail: contact(at)arupa.consulting